Alaska Indigenous provides critical commentary on the pertinent social, economic, and political affairs of Indigenous peoples in Alaska. We also hope this blog becomes a point of access to research about Indigenous communities through our Publications page. Alaska has the largest proportion of Indigenous residents in the U.S. (15 percent of the population), and we live in ten cultural regions and speak 19 languages. We are a major economic and political force in the state and country.

Alaska Native Peoples and Languages

Alaska Indigenous (Koyukon) is an undergraduate in the throes of completing degree programs in the University of Alaska institution of post-secondary education.

Tim Aqukkasuk Argetsinger (Iñupiaq) is from Anchorage with roots in Kotzebue and Deering.



3 responses to “About

  1. Carl Wassilie

    Keep up on the decolonization

  2. Hi,
    I could not find any contact information on your site. The Alaska Native News is interested in running your newest article as an op/ed piece. Can you contact us at the email that is provided with log in?

  3. Kim Arthur

    I was trying to find a friend’s blog for Alaska, and found yours in the search results.
    I wanted to know, since I haven’t read everything, are you looking to become a teacher to reach more Alaska Native students? If so, that’s quite commendable of you.
    I used to be a teacher in Arizona, and taught on the Navajo rez.
    I look forward to following your blog.

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