Alaska Indigenous provides critical commentary on the pertinent social, economic, and political affairs of Indigenous peoples in Alaska.  Alaska has the largest proportion of Indigenous residents in the U.S. (15 percent of the population), and we live in ten cultural regions and speak 20 languages. We are a major economic and political force in the state and country.

Starting in 2020 the blog will curate Alaska climate change adaptation information.  The rate which climate change is affecting the whole state has become staggering, and the blog will attempt to form a clearinghouse of pertinent information to help stakeholders address important climate change events.

Alaska Native Peoples and Languages

Contact information: alaskaindigenous(at)gmail.com


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  1. Kristi Bee

    Scott Pruitt, EPA director, had this in his statement to Congress Dec. 7, 2017: “EPA will enhance its direct implementation of federal environmental laws on Native American lands where tribes have not taken on
    program responsibility.” The EPA is gutting every regulation and putting states and industry in charge of monitoring their own pollution. But federal regulations are going to be strictly enforced on tribal land. The EPA will “ENHANCE its DIRECT IMPLEMENTATION OF FEDERAL LAWS” – but only on reservations, cause Indians can’t take on program responsibility, and they are sitting on vast reserves of oil, natural gas and uranium. (end of 1st page) http://docs.house.gov/meetings/IF/IF18/20171207/106701/HHRG-115-IF18-Wstate-PruittS-20171207.pdf

  2. Could not find contact info either, so putting a rather lengthy comment here, which I apologize for but feel it is important.

    Hello, and I’ve been learning so much from reading this blog today. I am an artist from Alaska and an advocate against the banning of walrus ivory in the growing number of state bans that must align with President Obama’s Executive Order eliminating the elephant ivory trade. This EO exempted items already permitted under existing federal legislation, which is us under MMPA.

    Wildlife groups are behind this effort to destroy all ivory markets worldwide, and according to my research, go even further: to eliminate all wildlife product markets worldwide. This may be gone from their sites now, but it was all out in the open during my research, and testimony at Senator Sullivan’s field hearing on this issue during AFN last year.

    WWF’s director in Alaska also testified and was falling out of her seat during my rather lengthy testimony. Our congressional delegation hasn’t done much, however, as everyone is caught up in the Liar’s world. NARF looked into this briefly, after being approached by BSNC’s President Gail Schubert, and said possibly an artist would have a case, maybe. Beyond that they are not helpful.

    We are on facebook, Sikuliiq: Alaska Native Artists Advocacy Group, should you want to see more about this issue and history of advocacy.

    Really, we could use all the help we can get. I operate on fumes, there is no money to work with.

    Thank you for your time, and also for your very educational blog. I will keep reading it.

    Susie Silook

  3. Carl Wassilie

    Keep up on the decolonization

  4. Hi,
    I could not find any contact information on your site. The Alaska Native News is interested in running your newest article as an op/ed piece. Can you contact us at the email that is provided with log in?

  5. Kim Arthur

    I was trying to find a friend’s blog for Alaska, and found yours in the search results.
    I wanted to know, since I haven’t read everything, are you looking to become a teacher to reach more Alaska Native students? If so, that’s quite commendable of you.
    I used to be a teacher in Arizona, and taught on the Navajo rez.
    I look forward to following your blog.

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